Tomato and Bacon Deviled Eggs

Tomato and Bacon Deviled Eggs Across the BlvdDo you ever want a new twist on an old recipe? Everyone probably has their favorite, tried and true recipe for deviled eggs. I usually make them the traditional way, but several years ago, I saw a recipe for Tomato and Bacon Deviled Eggs and I made them. We all loved them, but I haven’t made them in a long time. Recently, Gloria reminded me of them. I was happy to make them again. Sometimes, an old recipe needs a little twist. Continue reading

Pasta Shell Salad


Pasta Shell Salad Across the Blvd

Sometimes, a basic recipe can be one of the best. That’s just what the pasta shell salad is. Made with four ingredients, it easy and tasty. It is not one that I’d put on any healthy salads list, but I would include it on a great summer salad list. 

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Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding Across the Blvd

Have you made Yorkshire Pudding? To be honest, I’d never even heard of it until my son made them during my last visit to his house. When he said he was making Yorkshire Pudding, my first question was “what kind of pudding is that?’ So, I may have been the last person to know that Yorkshire Pudding is not a pudding at all, but a delicious, light and airy roll. 

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Cherry Fluff Salad~A Quick & Easy Delight

From North of the Boulevard~
Want an easy, easy, easy treat? This Cherry Fluff Salad is one of my favorite, easy recipes. Some people think of it as a dessert and while it’s definitely a sweet treat, it can fall into the fruit salad category, too.  Whether it’s served with a meal or after, it’s delicious! Did I mention how easy it is to make?

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